MISSION:   Pupil transportation is an integral part of our educational system.  Therefore, the goal of the Madison Metropolitan School District is to provide safe, efficient, and economical transportation for all eligible students residing within the school district boundaries, under provisions of the appropriate Wisconsin State Statutes and Board of Education policy.

ELIGIBILITY:   The Madison school district provides for the transportation of all students in grades K-5 living more than 1.5 miles from their assigned school or in an area where recognized unusual hazards exist.  As a general policy, transportation is not provided for students above grade 5 (ss 121.54).  Exceptions are made where no public transportation is available (Fitchburg) as well as for those special education students for whom public transportation is not feasible.  This transportation is provided on school buses which are contracted through private bus companies.  Madison Metro cooperates by providing special routes to serve middle and high school transportation needs at an equitable student rate.  Families who verify financial need may be granted bus tickets at district expense.


Madison Metropolitan School District
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Jeff Fedler, Transporation Coordinator
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