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OVERVIEW:  The Food Service Division operates five different programs in the District's 48 schools.  During the school year we serve the equivalent of 19,000 meals per day and in the summer we average 2,500 meals per day.

PROGRAMS:  The Division contracts with the U.S. Department of Agriculture through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to operate four different food programs. In addition we operate an Ala Carte Program with no federal assistance.

School Breakfast Program:  Every School in the District offers students access to the Breakfast Program.  We serve approximately 4,200 breakfasts a day during the school year.  Schools vary in their approach to the breakfast program; most offering breakfast before school, other schools choose to offer breakfast midmorning.

School Lunch Program:  Lunch is available to every student in the District.  Our Elementary customers have a choice each day between a hot and a cold meal.  Middle School customers have between four or five different choices each day and High School customers have six or seven choices.  On a normal school day we serve 12,300 lunches.

School Snack Program:  Snacks are available in many schools for after school programs.  The snack is federally funded if the program or school's enrollment exceeds 50% of their students qualifying for Free or Reduced priced meals.  Programs and schools with less than 50% poverty level are charged and most cases the cost are billed to the afternoon program that is sponsoring the activity.  In both programs the students receive the snack for free. The Division serves 1,100 snacks per school day.

Summer Food Program:  For the past twenty years the District has operated a federally funded program during the summer months.  It generally operates starting one week after regular school ends and operates for eight weeks ending one or two weeks before schools reopen in the fall.  This Program serves school sites, MSCR park sites, low income apartment complexes and Community Centers. The program is free to youth and is funded similar to the School Snack Program above.  Each site serves either breakfast and lunch or lunch and a snack. The number of meals served each day varies considerably based on the different recreational and instruction programs we serve.  On average for the summer we serve 2,500 meals a day.

Ala Carte Program:  The Division also operates an Ala Carte Program that is not funded by Federal money but by funds collected from our customers each day. This program is a supplemental service that allows students and staff to purchase individual items rather than complete meals.  Due to the constraints of the BOE's Wellness Plan this program has been shrinking over the past three years.  Currently we serve the equivalent of 2,100 meals a day in Ala Carte offerings.  The Ala Carte Program has traditionally provided the Division a positive cash flow.

ORGANIZATION SETUP:  The operational center of the Division is our Food Production Center (FPC) on Pflaum Road.  The FPC houses our production, packaging, distribution and storage areas.  All of the District's schools and alternative programs are serviced by the FPC.  .

STAFFING:  The Division has a staff of 150 people with a little under half of them fulltime.  For 2008-2009 the breakdown is:

                        Administrators                             5

                        Support Staff                               4

                        Custodial Staff                             2

                        Truck Drivers                               5

                        Food Service Workers               134

FREE AND REDUCED PRICED MEALS:  Food Service is responsible for approving and managing free and reduced meal applications.  The percentage of students whose families qualify for free or reduce priced meals has been steadily climbing over the last decade.  This school year over 40% of our students qualify.

The Food Service office on Pflaum Road manages the applications.  Each school distributes, collects and makes initial determination of a family's temporary status.  All applications are then forwarded to the Food Service Office.  The Food Service Office Staff review each application for correct status, enter each student's permanent status into our soft ware system and file the application. 

QUALITY ASSURANCE:  The Division employs one staff member to over see our Food Safety and Quality programs.  Three main functions are:

  1. Coordinating our Food Safety efforts with those of the City/County Health Department, State Health Department and the Department of Public Instructions.
  2. Testing and evaluating new recipes with both staff and students.
  3. Evaluating food products at the purchase or receiving level to school service level.

The Quality Assurance Specialist works through out our system to monitor numerous issues related to both food safety and food quality.  She for example coordinates the ServSafe program from the National Restaurant Association which all of our employees are required to attend. 

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